HDPE Microducts

HDPE Microducts are small ducts for the installation of small micro duct fiber optics cables. Microducts can be bundled as 1-way to 24-way configurations with micro duct diameters ranging from 4mm to 18mm.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in various sizes ranging from 4mm to 18mm dia.
  • Single and multiple (bundled) configurations 2 way to 24 way for specific project needs
  • Variety of colors available for easy identification
  • Printing available for specifications/markings for foot or meter.
  • Stock available for standard sizes.
  • Custom lengths can be produced.
  • Outer Sheath with different colors
  • Inner Micro ducts with low friction silicon layer


Locating Wire: All configurations can be installed with 0.6mm PVC Insulated Copper Wire.

Thicker Sheath: Can be provided in most configurations if needed as per site requirements.

Physical Properties of Microducts PE100